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Create structure – comply across disciplines

A complexity of regulations is making it increasingly difficult for companies to identify and comply with legal requirements. As a result, not only those holding executive or supervisory functions such as officers or directors, but also members of supervisory bodies such as advisory boards are exposed to liability risks. Corporate compliance, therefore, is a top priority, and effective compliance management is the ultimate means of protection.

Prevent exposures

Knowing what legal requirements apply to a business and how to create transparency are crucial to corporate success. Adequate compliance structures help to avoid liability exposures. In a nutshell: Exposure prevention is critical in the corporate governance and sustainability process.

A team across professional disciplines

BRL has a multidisciplinary approach combing the expertise of tax consultants, business consultants (Risk Advisory Service), auditors and lawyers to offer bespoke solutions to clients. Our services encompass the development of Compliance Management Systems (CMS) and the introduction of internal policies as well as the identification of and advice on the applicable legal and tax requirements and the implementation of internal controls.

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