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Germany is France’s most important trade partner worldwide, and France is Germany’s second most important European trade partner. It can be assumed that Brexit will be a further positive driver for German-French relations.

French Desk with trilingual expert team

The BRL French Desk provides French clients with an efficient team of trilingual (German, French, English) experts who can advise and assist in all legal and tax matters. Our French Desk serves large French and international corporations as well as medium-size enterprises and start-ups, whether they are already active in Germany or still planning their first steps there.

The French Desk team also help German companies with their business activities in France, through their long experience as well as with the expertise of specialist French partner firms.

Despite the geographical proximity of the two countries there are significant differences between German and French culture, legal systems and tax systems. We translate your system’s rules into the context of the other system, and help you bridge the differences – in your own language.

Differences between France and Germany

Do not underestimate the differences between the two countries! Contracts, agreements and expectations can vary widely. BRL informs you on all risks and opportunities from the start, and assists you the entire way.

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