Key competences
Data Protection
IT Law
Copyright Law
Licensing Law
Competition Law
Press and Personality Rights
Digital Platform Law
2017 – 2019 Lawyer in a medium-sized law firm and a boutique law firm for IT, Data Protection and Copyright Law in Hamburg
2016 Independent Consultant in Data Protection/IT/IP Law (e.g. at iRights.Law in Berlin)
2015 Ph.D., Law, at Humboldt-University Berlin in the field of Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Rights
2013 – 2015 Legal Clerkship at the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court; stations e.g. at Copyright Chamber of the Regional Court Hamburg, Hamburg Data Protection Authority and at the Legal Office of the North German Broadcasting Corporation (NDR)
2012 – 2014 Research Associate and PhD student at the Institute for Legal Informatics (IRI) at Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University, Chair of Prof. Metzger
Legal Studies at the Universities of Hamburg, Münster and Paris (Paris V) with a focus on Information and Communication Law.
Die gläsernen Geflüchteten – Datenschutzrechtliche Betrachtung des 2. Datenaustauschverbesserungsgesetzes, in: Tagungsband Herbstakademie 2019 der Deutschen Stiftung für Recht und Informatik (DSRI)
Ongoing various contributions to the blog on IT legal topics
Computer Game Systems - The Protection of Creative Systems and Concepts in Copyright Law (Diss.), 2016, Mohr Siebeck, Series "Intellectual Property and Competition Law" 113 (German)
Deserves digital gaming an performance copyright, ZUM 2013, 279 (German)
Copyright protection for concepts of media products - It´s all inside, CR 2013, 485 (German)
The protectability of computer game systems under copyright law, CR 2012, 281 (German)
The collecting passion of Facebook, Fundamental Rights Report 2013 (German)
From lame hunters and greedy collectors. Facebook & Co. pose new challenges to data protection law, Fundamental Rights Report 2012 (German)

„Die gläsernen Geflüchteten – Datenschutzrechtliche Betrachtung des 2. Datenaustauschverbesserungsgesetzes im nationalen und europäischen Kontext“, Herbstakademie 2019 der DSRI
Digitization of developments - software, apps and databases, IP-Day - Time for intellectual property, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, 04/2019 (German)
Lecturer in IT Law and Intellectual Property Law (LL.B.) at the IRI of Leibniz Universität Hannover, 2014
Personal rights in social media - The fine line between public interest and online pranger, heise CeBIT Forum, 03/2013 (German)