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Cyber Security

Cyber security as a success factor for your company

Cyber security is changing from a "burden" and bare necessity to a key competitive factor for companies. This is due to increasingly digitized value creation and an increased focus on cyber security in the supply chain. In parallel, the regulatory requirements surrounding the topic are increasing as well (cf. data protection or EU-DSGVO).

Due to the digitalization of products, services and production processes, cyber attacks or incidents can cause serious financial or reputational damage. To reduce the impact, cyber security must be viewed holistically within the company, i.e., both the organization and the technical side must be considered.

Without adequate organization and processes, technical measures are not sufficient

Continuous improvement and reduction of risks require formalized structures and clear guidelines. Only formalized governance structures, roles & responsibilities and effective monitoring can ensure that cyber security in your company has the necessary resources, that risks are transparent and that technical measures adequately address them.

While the organizational aspects of cyber security structure all activities and define requirements, technical measures must ensure the protection of the most important information assets. Without adequate technical protection, unauthorized access to relevant systems or production technology can have devastating operational, financial and legal consequences.

We take a holistic view of cyber security

BRL has extensive expertise in cyber security consulting and can therefore help to significantly reduce cyber security risks. Our experts offer extensive support in the organization of cyber security, e. g. through our "Governance Health Check", or by setting up an appropriate information security management system. But we also secure your systems, e. g. through penetration tests, or the introduction of a comprehensive identity and access management.

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