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Risk Advisory Services

IT Risk Services

IT is too important to neglect it

Almost every organization has weaknesses in its IT, for example in its design, infrastructure, system configuration, security settings or inadequate security management. Even highly developed firewalls and antivirus technologies are susceptible to attack. Hackers are increasingly developing new ways to expose the weaknesses in the security systems of companies and use them for their own purposes. Unauthorized access to your systems and data can have devastating operational, financial and legal impacts and damage the reputation or image of your company.

BRL has extensive expertise in IT consulting and the security optimization of IT systems and can therefore help you to significantly minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your systems and data. Our experts in the field of IT security offer advice and support with the implementation and establishment of IT control systems. These serve the purpose of securing the necessary business processes in the case of complications or even the collapse of the IT infrastructure or IT application which supports the business process.

Well prepared for eventualities

Through targeted security measures it is possible to guarantee that your company can also continue with normal operations in many possible difficult situations. On the basis of continuous assessments and the appropriate handling of significant risks, our experts can also support you with the optimum integration of your IT systems for the purposes of achieving your goals.
We have the necessary knowledge and experience of the analysis, testing and evaluation of IT systems as well as information security to be able to offer you corresponding recommendations and reports for a comprehensive understanding of the accounting-related IT that is used.

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