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Restructuring & Insolvency

Insolvency administration and custodianship

For more than 20 years, courts have been entrusting our insolvency administrators with insolvency proceedings of all types and scales, from small owner-operated workshops to industrial manufacturers to publicly listed stock corporations. The insolvency administration is carried out by BRL Insolvenz GbR.

Our primary goal in insolvency proceedings is the continuation of the firm in question and the protection of its workplaces, while providing the best possible satisfaction to creditors, to the fullest extent possible under the given circumstances. If the insolvent company cannot be saved, we protect creditor interests through rigorous and effective liquidation of debtor assets. The multidisciplinary approach of BRL enables us to identify and implement the most financially beneficial solutions for recovery and resolution, for best possible creditor satisfaction.

Our focus areas in insolvency administration are:


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